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Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean on the set of Giant, ca. 1956.
Bing Crosby in a publcity still for The Emperor Waltz, ca. 1948.
Judy Garland in a publicity still for Presenting Lily Mars, ca. 1943.
Natalie Portman in a photo shoot for the “Miss Dior” campaign, ca. 2013.
Shirley Temple in a publicity still for Captain January, ca. 1936.
Greta Garbo in a publicity still for Inspiration, ca. 1931.
Clark Gable and Jean Harlow in a publicity still for China Seas, ca. 1935.
Elizabeth Taylor in a publicity still for Raintree County, ca. 1957.
Veronica Lake in a publicity still for The Glass Key, ca. 1942.
Ingrid Bergman in Notorious, ca. 1946.
Jessica Chastain photographed by Max Vadukul, ca. 2013.
Eva Mendes featured in Marie Claire, ca. 2012. Photo by Txema Yeste.
Adele featured in Vogue magazine, March of 2012. Photo by Mert & Marcus.
Jean Harlow, Libeled Lady, ca. 1936.
Elizabeth Taylor, National Velvet, ca. 1944.